Giving Opportunities

Although Tikvat Yaakov has limited funding available by government and tuition, there are several giving opportunities that can support our institution. Below you you will find some plans in which you may find special desire to support . Please contact our representative for further details on the programs.

Facility Expansion / Improvement Projects


New Dormitory Building $1,250,000
Gymnasium and sports center ( there is currently no inside gym!) $1,050,000
New Educational Library     $250,000
Kitchen Upgrade     $150,000
Classroom Portable unit       $60,000
Computer Room for Dormitory Students       $35,000

Educational courses currently not offered (annual costs)


Communications $25,000
Paramedics $30,000

Programs Currently Offered

Program Description Cost
For Olim with special learning needs
$2,900 /student
Bar Mitzva Program $36,000
$1,800 /student
Jerusalem Week
Special program strengthening Jewish history and values (dedication/memorial by inscription in Siddur given to students)
$50,000 /grade
Poland/European Jewish History Trip
Includes recital of Kaddish at Holocaust Memorial Service including short background of deceased.
$1,800 /student

Help us to continue giving our children an outstanding education for a brighter future !