Student Programs

The junior high school and high school comprise 300 students from throughout the northern district, including a group of 30 boys from Ethiopia.

Although many students come from economically disadvantaged homes, the school’s success rate in “bagrut” matriculation exams is well above the national average.

Several programs offered are:

Religious – Secular Dialogue

In recent  years, a unique Civics Studies program has been introduced at YBA Tikvat Yaakov. Project “Echad” (Ezrachut Chilonim-Datiim) combines students from the yeshiva with students from the secular Misgav School to study civics together. The joint study program is designed as a supervised encounter between youths of vastly differing world-views. The classes foster dialogue and debate on the most divisive issues in Israeli society, but the students are encouraged to share, listen and debate the issues in a civil manner. The joint classes are hosted in the first semester at Misgav and switch in the second semester to YBA Tikvat Yaakov.

“We saw that our students’ identity as religious Zionists was strengthened by the experience,” said YBA Tikvat Yaakov civics teacher Shmulik Ben-David, “They often made us proud in the way they discussed issues, especially issues of modesty and boy-girl relationships. I am sure that these kinds of encounters are more instructive than destructive. I wholeheartedly recommend the program. There is no reason to be afraid of exposing our students to the secular point of view.”

After two years of joint studies the two classes were treated to a day-long seminar in Jerusalem led by facilitators from the Gesher (Bridge) Center for religious/secular dialogue. The students were unanimous in their praise for the program. In the words of one participant, “civics became a lesson that we looked forward to.”

Other Programs:

  • Tutorials/Enrichment for Olim with special learning needs.
  • Bar Mitzva tutoring.
  • Jerusalem Week, which focuses on Jewish history and values.
  • Poland/European Jewish History Trip.