Yeshivat Tikvat Yaakov – Sde Yaakov

Yeshivat Tikvat Yaakov is a religious Zionist and junior and high school Yeshiva founded in 1954 by Mercaz Yeshivot Bnei Akiva. Located adjacent to Moshav Sde Yaakov, midway between Haifa and Nazareth, the Yeshiva enjoys the scenic panoramas of the beautiful and historic Jezreel Valley. The school commemorates the name of the late Rabbi Dr. Yaakov Hoffman z”l and the Ehrman campus is named for the parents of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ehrman.

The school is one of the leading institutions in the Yeshiva Bnei Akiva network and most of its students continue in yeshivot, yeshivot hesder, mechinot and serve in the IDF, many in combat units.                            


Yeshivat Bnei Akiva Tikvat Yaakov (Sde Yaakov) – A Learning Community

The Yeshiva will serve as a religious-Zionist school for every pupil and for anyone from the area seeking this kind of education. The educational and learning environment will maintain and foster integration between pupils who come from different cultures and educational backgrounds, and will know how to meet the educational and emotional needs of each individual in the various frameworks. The Yeshiva staff, which knows how to read the spirit of the generation and understand the soul of the adolescent, will be attentive to their various needs.

The Yeshiva will offer an environment for Judaism that is open to various opinions and Torah cultures, connecting to all sectors of the nation and social involvement that is based on respect of every individual.

The learning environment at the Yeshiva will nurture the individual talents of each people and every member living there, with cooperation and attention that leaves room for personal choice and assumption of responsibility, and for fostering personal excellence.

The ideological basis for all of our actions at the Yeshiva is a commitment to the Torah, to doing G-d’s work, morals and to our redemption in our country.

The core values underlying the vision:

  • Commitment to the Torah and Bible
  • G-ds work
  • Commitment to the redemption process – religious Zionism and the attitude towards the country
  • Commitment to anyone seeking religious education in the area
  • Integration
  • Personal excellence and self-fulfillment (with reference to individual)